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What to Buy at Trader Joe's

A reader sent me an e-mail wanting to know what my typical “allergy free style” shopping list looked like. Sadly I have to politely decline the free samples as they are usually made with things I can’t eat but I still heart Trader Joe’s for many reasons as you can see. Here’s a list of... Read more »

Healthy Tips for Rock N'Roll People

Coconut water is no stranger to EEC because it is so hydrating, low in carbs and sugar, and is great for skin. Plus it's much better for you the classic hydration remedy Pedialyte.
What do I mean by rock n’ roll people? People who love to party. I love to party. I just hate the aftermath. I believe in partying smarter not harder. For those about to rock here are a few of my tips:  

Allergy Free Back to School Snacks

Amande is a new brand of dairy and soy free yogurt made from almond milk.
I know those three little words “back to school” are kind of a buzz-kill but maybe these allergy free treats will be a comfort for those heading back. I like to keep my own backpack “booby trapped” with goodies I can eat so I’m never without!

Salad Dressings for Salad Days

Salad Dressings for Salad Days
It’s easy to get bored with salads this time of year. Here’s a few recipes to make at home to shake things up. These dressings also work on top of steamed veggies instead of butter. Green Goddess Dressing Prep time: 5 minutes 1/2 pound silken tofu 1 bunch scallions Juice of 2 lemons 1/2 bunch... Read more »

How to Stay Cool!

This tip requires a spoon. Okay this tip is fun. Eat sorbet, allergy-free ice creams and treats. I just covered a review on Living Harvest Tempts Ice Cream Bars. Chicagoans can enjoy Anthony's Italian Ice and Annette's near the Armitage Brown line. One of my favorite treats is an orange sorbet with a bit of chocolate sauce or hot fudge.
I know you are already “cool” but how about not sweating your you-know-what off. So here are my tips to keep you comfortably cool:  

A Perfect Convenient Store for Eclectic Eaters!

A Perfect Convenient Store for Eclectic Eaters!
During a recent lunch break I thought I would pop into Milk & More in the Lakeview area. I had just eaten but knew that if I wanted to get through the day I would have to procure my “drugs of choice”: Kombucha and dark chocolate. I noticed in the window that they had a... Read more »

The Fourth is Not Fun for the Allergy Free

The Fourth of July can be challenging to those of us with food allergies. I usually have a glass is half-full attitude when it comes to my food allergies but I’m not going to sugar coat it. It really sucks to have food allergies at the Taste. It is just not fun watching millions of... Read more »

Karyn's Lemon-Herb Dressing

Today is the Summer Solstice and that means it’s time for salads. For those of use with food allergies it’s not easy to find salad dressings. You could browse the grocery isles for hours or resort to just making your own. This recipe is from Karyn Callabrese’s book Soak Your Nuts: Cleansing with Karyn. Salads... Read more »

Fish Bar

I’ve been hearing a lot about Fish Bar lately. It has received some good feedback via Yelp. I’ve always loved seafood being that lighter proteins agree with me. I’ve often thought I should write a book called “The Mermaid Diet”. If I could get myself to avoid toxins and eat nothing but vegetables of both... Read more »

How do healthy people party?

Healthy people don’t always have a reputation for being fun. Sometimes it is difficult to be our healthy selves because we want to fit in. No one wants to be un-cool. I know for myself I suffer from a condition called Weekenditis. Ever wonder what healthy people do on Saturday nights? Plenty! Can healthy and... Read more »