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What Holistic Medicine Can Do for Athletes (and the Rest of Us)

What Holistic Medicine Can Do for Athletes (and the Rest of Us)
I recently interviewed  Dr. Diana White of Chicago Family Wellness. Right now many Chicago athletes are in training mode. That means they are more than likely experiencing fatigue, injuries and deficiencies. Some may even seek alternative medicine to improve performance. Dr. White is a board certified naturopathic physician. You are probably wondering what that is.... Read more »

A Nail Lacquer That Caters to Your Sparitual Needs

A Nail Lacquer That Caters to Your Sparitual Needs
I love puns more than Carrie Bradshaw. I partially stole that title from an old dive bar in my hood that had a sign that said, “We cater to your spiritual needs.” Anyway, I recently saw my girl Christie (who I also gave a raving review on Yelp) at Renessence Salon for a trim. I happened... Read more »

Fourth of July Cocktails

Turtle Mountain makes both a coconut-milk based line as well as a soy-milk based line of ice creams and other treats
Want some yummy allergy-free cocktail ideas for your fourth of July party? I won’t judge you if you party July First, Second, Third and Fourth. Just remember my tip about drinking plenty of coconut water to stay hang-over free. American Glory (gluten and dairy free) 3 oz. (gluten free = Champagne) 2 oz. orange juice... Read more »

The Fourth is Not Fun for the Allergy Free

The Fourth of July can be challenging to those of us with food allergies. I usually have a glass is half-full attitude when it comes to my food allergies but I’m not going to sugar coat it. It really sucks to have food allergies at the Taste. It is just not fun watching millions of... Read more »

Karyn's Lemon-Herb Dressing

Today is the Summer Solstice and that means it’s time for salads. For those of use with food allergies it’s not easy to find salad dressings. You could browse the grocery isles for hours or resort to just making your own. This recipe is from Karyn Callabrese’s book Soak Your Nuts: Cleansing with Karyn. Salads... Read more »

Fish Bar

I’ve been hearing a lot about Fish Bar lately. It has received some good feedback via Yelp. I’ve always loved seafood being that lighter proteins agree with me. I’ve often thought I should write a book called “The Mermaid Diet”. If I could get myself to avoid toxins and eat nothing but vegetables of both... Read more »

True Confessions: I Miss Beer

I’m not an alcoholic. I’m gluten and wheat sensitive which means beer is out of the question. Whenever I cheat and have “just one” I feel like I have swallowed an inner tube. There are a few times of year when this really bums me out: St. Patrick’s Day and Summer. I know Summer is... Read more »

Bok Choy Apple Slaw

This recipe is great to bring to a potluck or serve as a side dish at your Memorial Day picnic. At least you’ll know it’s one healthy thing you will be eating that day. Bok Choy Apple Slaw Prep time: 7 minutes Yield: 4 servings Ingredients: 6 stalks bok choy (about 1/2 head), thinly sliced... Read more »

How to Eat a High Protein Vegan Diet

Robert Cheeke is a vegan body builder who has inspired many. He is one of the few vegan athletes who has the leanness and definition of bodybuilders who follow a traditional high-pro, low card diet. To learn more about his diet and training program check out
Finding the right diet can really be tricky. I know for my own body I do great on a plant-based diet yet I really need protein to keep my hair growing and my body from getting too soft. I love vegan food but what makes it difficult for me to go 100% is that I’m... Read more »

Soak Your Nuts: Cleansing with Karyn Calabrese

Perhaps that title got your attention. I’ve been a Karyn’s customer since her very first restaurant debuted in the 90s in Roscoe Village. That’s how far Karyn and I go back. SuVan’s now occupies her former location. Now Karyn has an awesome raw and cooked vegan empire with three restaurants: Karyn’s Fresh Corner in Lincoln... Read more »