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My Favorite Body Image Blogs

My Favorite Body Image Blogs
In a world filled with photoshopped poreless faces and cartoonish body proportions we need these blogs more than ever. Here are the five blogs I follow religiously for their wit and message. They continuously inspire and entertain me. No More Bacon This blog’s statement is “Lesson life fat. Increase life. Cutting the meat of what matters... Read more »

Too Sexy Too Young: Toddlers in Lingerie

Lingerie for toddlers? This is an ad from Jours Apres Lunes.
Perhaps you saw this segment on the Today show this morning, Jours Apres Lunes, a French line of lingerie now has an ad campaign featuring toddlers in underwear. Jours Apres Lunes translates into “Days after Moons” and is created by Sophie Morin, a longtime lingerie designer. Apparently her intention is to borrow adult lingerie trends to create... Read more »

True Confessions: I Colored My Gray

Here is model Cindy Joseph from one of her many fashion shoots.
As many of you know I’m “pro-gray”. I always admire how gray hair looks on other people. To my eyes it doesn’t look “old” but modern and sort of sci-fi. I think gray hair is totally punk rock yet I wasn’t ready to go fully gray so I thought I’d try out a streak or... Read more »