Allergy Free Lincoln Square Lunches

Allergy Free Lincoln Square Lunches

Over the Halloween weekend I was too busy to cook so I opted to try out some healthy take-out. Plus I love supporting local businesses. There is something about Lincoln Square coffee shop friendliness that is just right on. They ooze cool without wearing it like a weapon as so many hipster cafes do.

Drew’s Eatery has been around for a couple of years. I’m sentimental about Sloppy Joes. My Mom made them for me and my sisters every Halloween. I sampled their Sloppy Drew sans cheese on a gluten free.  Not as good as Mom’s (I think she added a lot of sugar to hers though) but very tasty. Drew’s is a goldmine for anyone wanting a healthy, vegan or allergy-free lunch. They have lots of sandwiches, hot dogs, soups, sides and desserts (if you can tolerate soy they have excellent ice cream).

I occassionally pop into The Grind located across from the Davis. Coffee is my weakness and I give in a few times a week. My drink of choice is an Americano with half and half. I was told they had gluten free buns so I went for the Veggie Dream with tomato, onion, greens & hummus. It wasn’t the best GF bread I have ever had but when you are starving and in need of food it’s good to have options. If you can handle dairy their French Melt would probably work better with the GF bread. The Grind not only has the best coffee in town but they have a few vegan desserts too. I do wish that The Grind had more seating. Everyone is packed in their with their laptops typing away. Sometimes this place is more quiet and intense the library down the street. I usually opt for something to go and I’m always met with friendly smiles and good advice from the counter peeps.

Remember a while back when I mentioned that cleanse I was about to start? I haven’t been able to get the necessary products for reasons out of my control. Its on the back burner for now. With the holidays approaching I am “strategically partying”. That means I let myself have one cheat meal a week and eat healthy the rest of the time. I’m getting back to eating more like one of my favorite bloggers Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple. Mark is one of the most fit fifty year olds I have ever seen. His diet is similar to the paleo diet but like me he also loves the occasional glass of wine, dark chocolate and coffee. Along with food allergies I also have hypoglycemia. I feel weak on a carb-centered diet. I’m getting back into tracking my eating in Fitday again. This takes some effort but it allows me to really be honest. I’m not just motivated by wanting a firmer body but I have better focus and productivity when I eat the right amount of protein. 2012 is just around the corner and I want to be all I can be (in a sane way).

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