When You're a Foodie With Food Poisoning

I had a different post in mind for today’s blog but I’m recovering from food poisoning. I will keep the gory details to myself. Being really sick can sure make you humble. Now that I’m recovering I’m so grateful for every little bite of solid food, every breath and every step. Right now I’m gaining my strength back with the help of baked potatoes and Pedialyte popsicles (as I know not the best choice given that they have artificial dyes).

All I want to eat is carbs. I’m not ready for the healthy food I usually eat (and enjoy) like seafood and raw foods. When I’m nauseous I can’t even stomach the usual stalwarts like mint candies and ginger tea. Salty carbs work for me and actually a lot of people. When my mom was really sick from chemo (she had breast cancer) she couldn’t stomach tea, ginger, pepto or mints and the only thing that helped was Saltine crackers. Of course when you can’t do wheat or gluten that usually means eating a lot of rice cakes, potatoes, potato chips, rice, rice crackers, rice breads . . . I’m on the Beige Diet for a while. Although I did add some color in the form of a Red Mango frozen yogurt. Even though dairy is an intolerance for me, it was one of the few foods I craved and it actually helped em . . . calm things down a bit.

One day I was so sick it took me all day to muster up the strength to go to Walgreen’s which is only two blocks away. Days like that would be a lot easier with a husband, roommate or a neighbor I knew well enough to ask for favors. Being sick like this was also making me emotional.This summer has gone by so fast and then I got to thinking about how fast my whole life is going. I took a mini detour to Regret Land. Thankfully I got back on dry land after watching Glee re-runs. My inner gay man needed that.

I haven’t worked out in days. I have the type of body that gains and loses muscle quickly. I feel like the air was let out of my behind. Walking to the el the next day to go to work was my workout. You know in the movie The Shinning when the hallway just gets longer and longer, it was kind of like that.

Anyway, what I’m saying is I’m still exhausted so today I’m going to be a lazy blogger and just re-hash some of my favorite blogs. I’ll be back later in the week when my sass has fully recovered.

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