Allergy Free Back to School Snacks

I know those three little words “back to school” are kind of a buzz-kill but maybe these allergy free treats will be a comfort for those heading back. I like to keep my own backpack “booby trapped” with goodies I can eat so I’m never without!


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  • Nom nom ... I came looking for cookies.

  • Santa, you'll love Glow's Gluten Free cookies. I won't forget you this x-mas and you'll have your annual milk-cookie pairing post to refer too.

  • Thanks for the snack suggestions, though "Allergy Free" means different things to different people. Our school district uses an approved snack list that is peanut, tree nut, egg and sesame seed free to avoid cross contamination in the classroom and can be found here: . Though my son (who is severely allergic to peanuts) is only allowed to take snacks from his pre-approved goody box when there's a school affair involving food, I rest easier knowing the other kids are bringing snacks from the list so I know there will be no opportunity for contact reactions.

  • Jenny, thanks for the list. True allergy-free does mean different things to different people. I don't know if you know about the ELL Foundation and PAC (Protect Allergic Children) but if you don't you may want to check out their site:

  • We all are know that kids are always love to eat some delicious cookies . If the cookies are healthy than it is very much helpful for our kids. Because it's very much essential to provide proper healthy foods to our kids .So we will try to do this.

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