My Review of LH Tempt Ice Cream Bars

My Review of LH Tempt Ice Cream Bars
Living Harvest Tempt's Coffee Ice Cream Bars are especially delicious

Summer is a difficult time for those of us who avoid dairy. Ice cream is literally everywhere except in my own hands. I’ve been a long time purchaser of Living Harvest products and I’m grateful that their ice creams are both soy and dairy free.

I was excited to see Tempt Bars at my neighborhood Whole Food’s store. Allergy free people also miss out on all the fun of eating food-on-sticks. What is also impressive is that they are all 100 calories each and very satisfying. Not only will Tempt Bars make the calorie-limited happy but also the vegans, the tree-nut free, the gluten the free, dairy free and the soy free peeps. And for those who can eat anything they can take pride in the fact that these sweet treats also contain omega-3 & 6 essential fatty acids.

The “Tempting” flavors include Vanilla with Blueberry Pomegranate Swirls, Chocolate Fudge, Coffee with Cream Swirls and Vanilla with Fudge Swirls. My favorite is the Coffee with Cream Swirls. Back in the day when I actually ate commercial store ice cream I used to love Breyer’s Coffee flavored ice cream. It reminded me of that kind of creaminess and yet I won’t hate myself the next day (in terms of both stomach upset or calorie consumption). I know my local ice cream man didn’t appreciate me waving my Tempt Bar in his face, “Take that you!!” Actually he is pretty nice . . . I will have to apologize later.


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