Ever Try The Vortex Diet?

I’ve been reading Abraham Hicks books for years. Unlike a lot of spiritual teachings I always felt that there was something very pure about their teachings. I was curious to know more about their take on diet and exercise. They believe a person can eat what they want and look the way they want if they truly believe that that is possible, or as they say one is “in the vortex”. You cannot drink a six pack and think you will have a six pack if your mind set in not in vibration to that belief. Abraham Hicks has also mentioned in lectures that most people do not FEEL GOOD about over-eating, having addictions or not exercising.

Being “friends with food” may take some practice especially for those of us with food allergies. I am in no way suggesting that you should run out and pig out on all those foods that cause allergic reactions. It would take one hell of a consciousness for someone with anaphylactic shock to suddenly be okay with eating peanut butter. Abraham Hicks have mentioned in their lectures regarding well being that the body really does need lots of water, a variety of foods and loves movement. Most happy people don’t want to spend all their time on the coach. What I also take away from their teaching is how I catch myself feeling guilty about some of my food choices. If I believe one piece of flourless chocolate cake will put weight on me than it will. If I believe it is a treat that my body will use what it needs and eliminate what it doesn’t then that is exactly what will happen. Of course, I think some of us experience this on vacations when we have allowed ourselves to eat joyfully (without guilt) and found ourselves a few pounds lighter. This phenomenon was written about in the book French Women Don’t Get Fat. These French women are eating with joy, without guilt and they are not eating alone. They are also eating mindfully and reasonable portions. I had a friend of mine who was fairly active but not a daily exerciser who ate and drank very well and had a washboard stomach and a super ripped body. Was it genetics? In the vortex? I don’t know. We can’t really know what anyone else believes.

To come up with your own personalized exercise or diet you must ask yourself: What do I feel good about? This question is different than what do I crave? What do I feel like having? Most of us don’t feel good when we eat something we don’t feel is good for us or in a quantity that out of proportion. According to Abraham Hicks, you have two choices: 1. To eat foods you feel good about eating or 2. Change your view of the food you do eat.


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    Hey there!

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    Have a great day,

    Clodagh Egan

  • In reply to cloegan:

    Hi Clodagh,

    Thanks for making me aware of this. I love Tiffany Derry! I'm not personally interested in competing but I am curious if you will have any gluten-free bread makers! Please keep me posted.


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