A Nail Lacquer That Caters to Your Sparitual Needs

A Nail Lacquer That Caters to Your Sparitual Needs

I love puns more than Carrie Bradshaw. I partially stole that title from an old dive bar in my hood that had a sign that said, “We cater to your spiritual needs.” Anyway, I recently saw my girl Christie (who I also gave a raving review on Yelp) at Renessence Salon for a trim. I happened to notice a new line of vegan, DBP, formaldehyde and toluene free nail polishes from a company call Sparitual. I admit I’m just too chemically sensitive to get a regular manicure. I walk into these places and I want to faint from the smell. I know many of you who also have food allergies also are chemically sensitive. It’s also great to support vegan beauty products.

I tried their Mellow Yellow shade. Despite being artistically inclined I’m not good at painting my own nails. I found the yellow to be a bit chalky for my fingernails but it worked great on my toes (where mistakes are usually less noticeable). I would recommend one of the lighter colors for your fingernails or the darker and more fun hues for toes. Sparitual also has a lot of other products worth looking into click here for more information.

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