Fourth of July Cocktails

Want some yummy allergy-free cocktail ideas for your fourth of July party? I won’t judge you if you party July First, Second, Third and Fourth. Just remember my tip about drinking plenty of coconut water to stay hang-over free.

American Glory (gluten and dairy free)

3 oz. (gluten free = Champagne)

2 oz. orange juice

2 oz. of your favorite lemonade

Build over ice in a highball or Collins glass

Banana Cream (a dairy-free but creamy drink)

1/2 oz Creme de banana

1/2 white Creme de cacao

One scoop of So Delicious Vanilla Bean coconut-milk based ice cream

Pre-chill in a stemmed cocktail glass. Blend in a blender and serve “straight-up”.

Strawberry Shortcake (dairy-free)

1 oz. strawberry liquor

1 oz. cherry flavored brandy

One scoop of So Delicious Vanilla Bean coconut-milk based ice cream

Blend and pour into pre-chilled glasses

Tip: To make thicker, put 1/4 cup crushed ice in the blender but do not strain when pouring.

You can garnish with dairy free whipped cream like Soyatoo Whipped Cream, fresh strawberries or even gluten-free cookies. YUM!!


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  • These are fabulous! My freezer is always stocked full of So Delicious Coconut Milk ice cream. I will be making these at our 4th of July party for sure! Thank you!!!!

  • Hi Vicky, thanks for the comments and for reading my blog. Let me know how you like those recipes! I also like Living Harvest Tempt. I will be blogging about their newest Tempt Ice Cream Bars. Happy Fourth of July!

  • Yum! I am a So Delicious junkie as well, so look forward to trying these recipes.

  • ryoung1201, Thanks for posting and reading my blog. Let me know what you think of these recipes. Happy Fourth to you!

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