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I’ve been hearing a lot about Fish Bar lately. It has received some good feedback via Yelp. I’ve always loved seafood being that lighter proteins agree with me. I’ve often thought I should write a book called “The Mermaid Diet”. If I could get myself to avoid toxins and eat nothing but vegetables of both land and sea plus fish my health and body would be off the charts.

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So I happened to have time one Friday and stopped by to visit one of my favorite Eclectic Eating Chicago supporters Lily Hansen. She knows my allergies well and what I’m up against. She recommended the delicious Lobster Bisque, the broth is so rich it doesn’t need dairy. I also had the Seabass special of the day which was equally delicious.

Lily, who is also a gluten-free eater, informs me that all of the raw items are gluten and dairy free. Lobster Bisque from the winter menu will now be transitioning into a Lobster Gazpacho which is also gluten and dairy free. The Seafood Cobb Salad (minus the bacon) is probably our healthiest option along with the “A La Plancha” (grilled) items.
Lily tells me, “For a really healthy meal you can sample the Lobster Gazpacho, a little salad or seafood cobb salad, something from the Plancha and Raw menus and voila! . . . you have yourself a diet dish from the East Coast Clam Shack”. I concur Fish Bar is also a great place for low-carbers as ceviches and fillets are perfect choices. Your friends who can drink or eat anything will love Fish Bar too. I must admit I envied the diner who sat across from me lunching on tater tots and an Oyster Po’Boy. George Bernard Shaw famously said, “There is no more sincere love than the love of food.” The lunch-time diners appeared to be in love for sure.
By the way, Fish Bar serves sustainable, wild caught and responsibly farmed seafood. For more details click here. I feel that when I support the environment I support myself. Some experts believe that our toxic environment is weakening our digestion and therefore creating more food allergies and sensitivities. Even if you’re not a tree huger like me wild caught fish is a lot fresher and better tasting.
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Love the blue bricks and the seafood is pretty good too. Photo credit:

I also appreciate Fish Bar‘s esthetic. I used to do faux finishing so I’m big on ambiance. I loved everything from the blue brick exterior to the funky downhome but modern interior. I also have a thing for mason gar glasses. No need for tiny napkins as you will be wiping your messy faces with paper towels. Fish Bar is right off the Wellington Brown line at 2956 N. Sheffield. Click here for more information.

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