How to Eat a High Protein Vegan Diet

Finding the right diet can really be tricky. I know for my own body I do great on a plant-based diet yet I really need protein to keep my hair growing and my body from getting too soft. I love vegan food but what makes it difficult for me to go 100% is that I’m allergic to soy and wheat. Foods like seitan, tofu, soy protein, tempeh are all vegan and high protein yet also contain common allergens. Actress and singer Zooey Deschanel gave up being a vegan because she too is also allergic to wheat, gluten, eggs and soy. It’s also important for food allergy sufferers to eat a diet full of variety so when you finally figure out you are allergic to soy you shouldn’t consume egg white protein powder every day (like I did, and guess who is now allergic to eggs?). 

There are many successful athletes who follow a hgh-protein vegan diet like Mike Mahler and Robert Cheeke. It certainly does include a lot of fiber, enough carbs for working out, is easy on digestion and has lots of colors. On the other side of the spectrum, high protein diets are too low in fiber and often make women’s menstrual cycles more of a nightmare. I wrote about this recently. Kathy Freston, an Oprah favorite author who recently released The Veganist, says its okay to be “veganish”. So I’m veganish. I do my best with some fish and occasional red meat but here are the high protein vegan mainstays in my diet:


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  • I'm also gluten sensitive. I also do not eat any dairy products. Though my doctor said I'm not allergic to dairy-my skin tells me otherwise. Let's see...I'm not a "hardcore" vegan-but I would say I'm 98% of the time vegan. I just LOVE honey! haha :D So I do think a vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free diet is possible. I avoid soy as much as possible as much of it is Genetically Modified and soy just isn't that great for the body! I've never had a problem with protein and I"m highly active in running, yoga, hiking, dance and all kinds of things. Very muscular my whole life. There are lots of ways to get protein into the diet without having to eat meat if that's what someone wants to do.

    I really appreciate your blog here...there are LOTS of eating options and I'm just overjoyed to see you discussing some of them here!

  • Thank you Rachel! I appreciate that. It's so important to listen to our own bodies and intuition. Gluten is responsible for a lot of skin issues.

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