LifeStinks Natural Deodorants

I finally found a natural deodorant that actually works. I don’t know about you put that crystal thingie you rub underneath your arms didn’t work for me. I have heard about LifeStinks, created by the Duggan Sisters, but didn’t want to waste more money on another natural deodorant that didn’t deliver. I tried a sample at the Merchandise Mart One of a Kind Show in December and I was impressed. I so I picked the full size Extra Strength Cedar Powder and StinkStick, which is an essential oil blend roll-on deodorizer. The StinkStick is perfect to carry in your purse and can be used discretely.


Why use natural deodorant in the first place? Apparently, restrictive bras or toxic deodorant can endanger breast health. The base ingredient used to make LifeStinks is aluminum free sodium bicarbonate. This is not the baking soda that can be purchased at the grocery store as that product contains aluminum. Pure Australian botanical oils like tea tree oil are added to address odor causing bacteria. Lavender or cedarwood is also used to further naturally purify the underarm area. The Duggan Sisters buy the oils from a company that has an on-site laboratory where all essential oils undergo rigorous testing and analysis. This is done using the latest in Quality Assurance with Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) equipment to accurately analyze each and every batch of essential oils they produce. Sounds like James Bond kinda stuff to me! 

They recommend that women start with their lavender deodorant as so many women shave their underarm, and lavender has soothing properties for the skin. Unless you like pain, no deodorant should be applied immediately after shaving, including LifeStinks Deodorants.
LifeStinks also offers some other benefits such as:
  • Refillable eco-friendly stainless steel sifter dispenser. 
  • Sanitary by design so the whole family can share. 
  • Doubles as an anti-fungal foot powder. 
  • Absolutely non-staining. Rinses completely from clothing. 
  • Provides gentle dryness while allowing healthy perspiration. 
  • Talc free. 
  • Goes on dry to keep you dry. 
  • Fragrance free with a choice of botanical infusions. Available in both extra mild and extra strong. 
  • Does not require mid-day touch-ups.
Click here to buy on-line or you can also purchase in “real time” at the Merz Apothecary.


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  • This is not only natural deodorant, there are many available in market. They all claim as natural deodorants. You should suggest some more option here with good fragrance. Like I found very rich product

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