Why I Love Carrots N' Cake

I know journalists aren’t supposed to talk about themselves but I have to say some of my favorite blogs are about real people that tell their own stories. Carrots N’ Cake blogger Tina Hauport shares her healthy lifestyle one carrot and one cupcake at a time. Truth be told I want to be her! I’m saying that in an admiring non-stalkerish way. There’s something to be said for having a few words and showing a sort of photo diary of your life, provided it’s an interesting and really colorful one. I’d love to have a wildly successful blog, adoring husband, new house and a super cute pug.

cake blog book.jpg

Carrots N’ Cake has gone from blog to book.

Tina photographs nearly everything that goes into her mouth. What I enjoy about Carrots N’ Cake is that it’s not just a visual diary filled with food porn but that it’s about a real person’s eating habits. Tina shows us how to drop the pounds and keep them off by adopting eating habits that are healthy, balanced, and above all . . . livable. She indulges in treats, drinks booze but runs and cooks a lot of her own food. 


Blogger Tina Hauport.

What this blog has going for it is something that many blogs don’t and that’s the concept of MODERATION. Moderation was really hard for me for many years. I never brought trigger foods in the house like peanut butter or chocolate. Now as I become healthier I just don’t want to eat that much. The irony is when you tell yourself you can have what you want then you don’t want to eat a ton of it, a few bites here or there is best. Carrots N’ Cake has received some criticism because Tina’s food choices are not perfect. Many runners like Tina have to rely on higher carb, higher sugar and higher calorie food than the rest of us. Just look at what Michael Phelp’s allegedly ate. Could she eat some more greens or sea veggies? Maybe but it’s my belief that perfectionism will kill you more than one cupcake ever will.

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