The Indulgent List

I admit it I make vision boards. I want 2011 to be more prosperous and fun than 2010 was! Some friends and I were discussing what our version of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Chicago would be like. Here’s Scene 1 were we over-indulge on a sale of decorative candles at Target. Or . . . getting strollers caught in a jam at a play date in Lincoln Square. Or . . . maybe a passionate crafter throws a table at the local Stitch N’Bitch. I’m not even a housewife but I can dream. Anyway, I would just prefer to be rich than to be famous. If I had their money here’s a list of all the healthy things I would buy and do:

I offer Nutrition Counseling
Free Initial Consultation
$50 for 60 minute session
$95/mo. for six-month program

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