Kombucha Kamp's New Year's ReVolution - Drink Kombucha!

It’s 2011 and I’m sure you have written down some tedious resolutions that you probably aren’t really looking forward to starting. How about a New Year’s “revolution” instead of a resolution? This week Kombucha Kamp launches their New Year’s ReVolution Promo (Jan 4-7) which includes $1500 of kombucha & prizes from Kombucha Kamp and some amazing k-tea brewers including the Midwest’s own NessAlla Kombucha. I first sampled NessAlla’s k-tea at the Andersonville farmer’s market. Since then I have made regular purchases from Ranalli’s in Andersonville (which also has gluten free pasta and pizza). Their Elderberry Kombucha is one of my all-time favorite flavors and that is saying a lot because I have tried oh-so many flavors.


As part of the promotion, NessAlla will be giving away two 1/2 gallon growlers and a case of 16 ozs (12 in case) of their new seasonal flavor, Blues Buster with Siberian Ginseng & St John’s Wart. The contest is fun and easy to enter. For contest information click here. Catch a live radio interview with Vanessa & Alla of NessAlla and Hannah Crum of Kombucha Kamp on Thursday morning at 9:30am on “Sly in the Morning” AM1670 WTDY Madison.

If you want to try out their products, Chicagoans can purchase NessAlla Kombucha from the following vendors:

Gene’s Sausage Shop (I’m personally excited that I can buy NessAlla in my hood) 
W Crossings 

In the next few weeks NessAlla Kombucha will hit the shelves at: 

Z & H Market Café (Kenwood & Hyde Park)

Kombucha Kamp was created by Hannah Crum, The Kombucha Mamma. Hannah first discovered Kombucha while visiting a friend in San Francisco. She was fascinated by the mysterious jars filled with SCOBYs. Hannah has relied on Kombucha not so much for a specific health ailment but to support her when her lifestyle isn’t the healthiest (she’s a girl after our own hearts). Like many Kombucha enthusiasts, she feels k-tea has helped her to detox on a deeper, cellular and emotional level. 

I have mentioned Kombucha several times in my blogs. If you want to learn more check out these previous posts: 

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