How to Party in Healthy Ways this Season

Healthy people don’t always have a reputation for being fun. Sometimes it is difficult to give up cravings because we want to be one of the girls or one of the guys. No one wants to be uncool. I see nothing wrong with having that one plate of really delicious food that in your mind defines the holidays; but it’s the extra holiday lattes, leftovers, glasses of wine that really keep us from being and feeling our best. I am in no way saying that it is easy to pass up that creamy, cold glass of eggnog. In fact it can feel as difficult as Frodo’s plight to destroy the ring. So when you are in trouble let this guide be a light when all others go out (figuratively speaking):

Another strategic move is to focus on all those non-food treats. Here’s a couple I thought were worthy of mention: 

  • Eying the unique and individual beauty of snowflakes
  • A bundle of winterberries from the farmer’s market
  • The presence of more candlelight this time of year
  • The soft crunch of snow under your boots
  • The blush of child’s cheek in the cold
  • How slim we are all going to look in our winter clothes when we take all this great advice!
  • The smell of REAL Christmas trees
  • When someone says Happy Holidays and really means it
  • When you find the perfect gift (that is also in your budget)

If you didn’t follow my advice (and sometimes I don’t either) just know that you have awakened to yet another day and you can start over. The use of a water bottle wouldn’t hurt either.

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