Let's Talk About Cellulite . . .

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Many T-Tappers have experienced a significant reduction in cellulite. First of all, let’s get to the reason why those dreaded bumps happen in the first place. There are a multitude of factors that can create cellulite including:

  • Poor circulation. Especially if you sit all day and rarely get a chance to get up and walk. The T-Tapp Core DVD has a great solution to this problem by offering 9 simple exercises that can be done anywhere so you can fit in fitness during your day while sitting or standing. Just 3 a day help reduce cellulite!
  • Mineral deficiencies. Most of us get plenty of vitamins but are starved for minerals and mineral deficiency affects skin elasticity.
  • Genetics. Heredity can be a cause but there is hope. The O blood types are most likely to get cellulite, the next likely would be the Bs and the As and ABs do not get it as much or at all. Certain body types are more likely to have cellulite such as the long-torso short-leg body type, some combo body types get cellulite but the long-leg short-torso body types do not.
  • Poor lymphatic drainage. As Teresa Tapp says, “The lymph takes away the trash unless the lymph nodes are clogged.” Only muscles can aid lymph drainage. Blood types O and B are the most sluggish, As and ABs have smoother running lymphatic systems.
  • Hormonal imbalances. Poor sleep, menopause, PMS and stress can cause hormonal imbalances which in turn can cause cellulite due to an excess of estrogen stored in fat cells.
  • High insulin. Excess carb intake can create water retention and fat storage making cellulite more prominent. In fact, insulin is called the “fat producing hormone”.
  • Poor hydration. Not drinking enough water can also slow down the lymph system thus making those bumps on the thighs more visible.
  • Excess travel. Believe it or not subjecting your body to varying degrees of altitudes can make cellulite worse.
  • Carbonated beverage consumption. When I heard this from Teresa I was floored. How can a zero-calorie beverage cause cellulite? She explained that when she was a new face developer in Italy she was let in on a little secret. Italian women never drink carbonated beverages, at least those who don’t want cellulite. Perhaps the body views these beverages as foreign substances and has a hard time recognizing it as something that needs to be removed, therefore it remains in the lymph as cellulite. If you don’t want bumps, don’t drink bubbles.
  • Inflammation. Dr. Perricone (who has featured T-Tapp in his book Seven Secrets to Beauty, Health and Longevity) has clearly stated that inflammation does not make for pretty skin. If you want to age quickly and have cellulite then eat lots of sugar, lie out in the sun all day and exercise excessively.

Now that we know what causes cellulite, how can we get rid of it? Thankfully, Teresa is willing to share some of her inside secrets with us:

Consume foods with a high mineral content. Add to your diet foods such as shellfish, kiwis, citrus fruits, dark leafy greens, organ meats and sea vegetables (which I will cover in another post). If you are too busy to get in those leafy greens, Teresa has a convenient solution: Premium Blended Alfalfa. Pure alfalfa is a plant protein that helps to tighten the skin, produce a collagen layer and aid in getting rid of water retention. Alfalfa also helps the body balance estrogen and eliminate fluid retention.

Exercise. You knew this tip was coming. Even if you are not a T-Tapper you need to get the muscles moving to move out the “trash” (a.k.a. cellulite). If you hate to workout I suggest you replace the word “workout” with “body movement”. Ask yourself: how would I like to move my body today? If you hate the gym why not turn on your favorite tunes and dance. Also, rebounding is one of the best workouts for the lymph and essentially cellulite reduction.

Brush your skin. Besides exercise, another way to get those muscle moving is to brush your skin. During Teresa’s model scout days she learned that Germans brush their skin daily and start as young as age 12 (just in time for puberty). The skin is the largest organ and is a reflection of what is happening on the inside (I remind myself of this every time I invest in expensive skin products). The skin’s primary function is elimination. Skin brushing and exercise bring blood flow (along with those beautifying nutrients) to the cellular level. Skin brushing can also increase skin thickness. Young skin is thick and cellulite free, older skin can be thin and crepey. 


Brush daily and not just your teeth. Body brushing is key to avoiding those dreaded bumps. Photo credit: www.foodieinmotion.com.

Teresa offers a complete system that utilizes unique Cellulite Removal Techniques for fast and effective results hence the name: The CRT Skin Tightening System. This system consists of skin brushing with a body brush in a sequential pattern to stimulate the lymphatic system and help to break up the clumps of fat underneath the skin. Instead of skin creams, body-wraps, or elaborate machines that provide expensive, yet temporary results, the CRT Skin Tightening System works from within. Body brushing not only works for cellulite but for excess skin that often happens after sudden weight loss or childbirth. Many body-brushers also notice that flaws and stretch marks begin to diminish.

The CRT Skin Tightening System combines supplementation with body brushing and takes less than 10 minutes a day to complete. You can also find body brushes at the Merz Apothecary in Lincoln Square and a new location opening up in the Palmer House.

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