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Exploring the Possibilities; earthrise - Cycle City

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Yes, it’s cold out there! While fair weather cyclists, like me, are taking their workouts indoors, the hardiest among us are still committed to riding all winter long.  In the US, we’re likely to call these year-round cyclists either brave or crazy. In Copenhagen Denmark, however, they’re simply referred to as average citizens. Take five... Read more »

Recommended Reading: Grid Chicago

Recommended Reading: Grid Chicago
It’s taken six months of blogging here on Chicago Now to get a true feel of what my readers are most interested in.  Not surprisingly, the answer is… Controversy! You wouldn’t think there could be anything controversial about bicycling.  It’s great exercise.  It can be very relaxing.  Riding a bike has no negative impact on... Read more »

Deciphering the Bicycling News Feed

As you can see from the shiny new button above, I’ve added a Bicycling News Feed courtesy of Google Reader. If you’re jonesing for cycling stories to make the Chicago Winter more bearable, you may just find an interesting article or two to read each day. That is, of the eight hundred or so that... Read more »

Big Legislative Gains for Cyclists and Pedestrians

Yesterday was a big day for cyclists and pedestrians in Cook County and across America! Locally, the Cook County Board approved a Complete Streets Ordinance. Nationally, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation passed a Complete Streets Amendment to bill S.1950. This is a big step forward in ensuring equal consideration for those of... Read more »

Urban Cycling and the Fate of Pedestrians

Considering how cold it is outside, urban cycling really seems to be heating up. In the past week, I’ve read countless articles and blog posts attesting to the increase in city cyclists in urban areas where bicycling infrastructure has been improved.  Whether it’s been the installation of protected lanes in Chicago and NYC or the... Read more »

War On Cars: The Bicycle and The Reusable Shopping Bag

My son spent his last two years of high school and first two years of college working part-time at our local Super Target.  What better way to earn a few bucks and learn about the real world? One Sunday morning, my daughter and I were preparing for our usual weekly shopping trip.  We had our... Read more »