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Anatomy of an Adventure Bike: Gravel Compatible

Anatomy of an Adventure Bike: Gravel Compatible
Gravel. One word. Six letters. Synonymous with fun. Growing in popularity among cycling adventure seekers. Gravel is more than a surface that adds friction to your ride. It’s a new sensation. Navigating an uneven surface adds another dimension to a routine endeavor. It forces you to pay closer attention to where and how you are... Read more »

Cycling season starts this weekend with two great events

You wouldn’t know it by looking outside, but bicycling season is officially here. Yeah, there’s still a foot of snow on the ground. Sure, none of the bike paths have been plowed and the road shoulders are all littered with debris churned up by the snowplows. Potholes are emerging like Florida sinkholes. Skies are still... Read more »

Sixty Second Cycling: Upcoming Events

Summer may be winding down, but cycling in the Chicago area certainly is not! This weekend’s weather promises to be ideal for riding and there are a number of organized events to choose from.  Here’s a list, courtesy of our friends at the chainlink: Friday, September 7th:  First Friday Ride, Globe Pub, 1934 W. Irving... Read more »

What Can Cyclists Do About Our "Rogue" Element?

Fellow cyclists, it appears we have a serious perception problem in the city of Chicago. Despite the efforts of Transportation Secretary Gabe Klein, the Active Transportation Alliance, the chainlink, Grid Chicago, and other pro-cycling advocates, certain careless “cyclists” among us threaten the goodwill everyone else has fought so hard to garner.  While being lumped together... Read more »

60 Second Cycling: Thank You Chainlink!

Each Friday I generally post a feature called “60 Second Cycling: Upcoming Events” or something to that effect.  The major source for my current events content comes from the chainlink and its comprehensive events calendar.  Kudos to my friends over there for providing an online home to the city’s vibrant cycling community! I received a... Read more »

60 Second Cycling: Biking Stories You May Have Missed

Here’s a quick summary of bicycling-related stories you may have missed: Illinois’ Dead Red Stoplight Law now in effect!  If you are riding anywhere in the state outside the city limits of Chicago, you may now legally proceed through a red light (traffic permitting) after waiting 120 seconds for the light to change.  This law... Read more »

Lance Armstrong Enlists GOP Congressman to Investigate Anti-Doping Agency

Lance Armstrong Enlists GOP Congressman to Investigate Anti-Doping Agency
  Has our Republican-controlled House of Representatives found its next Planned Parenthood to defund or is this latest development in the Lance Armstrong doping “conspiracy” just another example of an elected official looking out for the interests of a constituent?   Late yesterday both Velo News and Cycling News reported the involvement of Wisconsin Congressman... Read more »

60 Second Cycling: Week in Review & Upcoming Events

While we may have enjoyed a day off mid-week, cycling advocates have remained hard at work analyzing the new transportation bill being sent to President Obama. America Bikes has issued its Analysis of The New Transportation Bill, MAP-21, noting that funding will decrease by 33% to 66% depending on each state’s use of the opt-out... Read more »

60 Second Cycling: Week in Review and Upcoming Events

Yesterday was a very bad day for bicycling.  The transportation bill that emerged from committee drastically reduces Federal funding for bicycling and pedestrian projects and sets active transportation policy back decades.  Dedicated Safe Routes to School funding has been eliminated along with the Complete Streets provision for future projects. You can read statements from Rails... Read more »

Sixty Second Cycling: Upcoming Events & Weekly Recap

I’m definitely phoning it in this Friday. Instead of being downtown at Daley Plaza celebrating Chicago’s Bike To Work Week, I’m in a hotel room midway to Sioux Falls, South Dakota (via Minneapolis).  A hectic work schedule has prevented me from partaking in a great week of Chicago cycling events and some of the best... Read more »