This Weekend, Fifty Will Feel Like Seventy!

It’s official; Chicago experienced its coldest winter in recorded history. But I don’t have to tell you that, you lived through it…

We spent all winter checking the 10-day forecast on our smartphones and commiserating with one another about the “feels like” temperature. Who among us will forget the near-choking sensation brought about by minus seventeen with winds gusting up to thirty miles per hour? (Correct answer; feels like negative 43) We’ve become experts in stepping outside and assessing what any given day’s temperature feels like.

Now that the cycle of snow-bitter cold-repeat is in the rearview, it’s time to accept another new reality and soldier on; nominal temperatures are so last season.

There, I’ve said it. We have all hit the reset button on what any given temperature reading has meant to us in the past. Any number above freezing is now our best friend.

A sunny fifty degree day is no longer a bit nippy or a little too chilly. To my body, anyway, fifty feels like seventy! Forty is the new sixty, as my pal Joanne at On The Route Bikes so astutely pointed out. We’ve emerged from the winter of our discontent a hardier people – akin to my friends in Minnesota (who just were hit with six inches of snow yesterday).

This spring, I don’t plan on letting any day above forty pass me by without a bike ride.

The paved bike trails are now free of surprise snow pack. Road debris is slowly washing away with each rainfall. The potholes have all been repaired (just kidding!). It’s as safe as it’s going to get when you take your bike out. You won’t get caught in a blizzard on your way home from work, at any rate…

This is the perfect weekend to rediscover your love of bicycling.

Take your bike in for that tune-up you’ve been putting off since that last ride in October. Pop in to your local bike shop and pick up some new cycling gear and bike accessories. Take a spin on that new bike you’ve had your eye on.

Visit On The Route Bikes and test ride the all new Bianchi Infinito CV with revolutionary new Countervail vibration cancellation technology (sorry, shameless plug for my day job).  Hosting test ride events is how I will be spending many beautiful spring weekend days, so check the calendar and stop by and see me.

It’s April. No more excuses for any activity related to the great outdoors. Carpe diem! Don’t let another season slip by waiting for “ideal” conditions. The bar has been lowered substantially. Short of freezing rain and tornado force winds, we’re tough enough to handle whatever spring tosses at us.

The only “feels like” we should be concerned with is remembering what it feels like to ride a bike.

Keep riding and be safe!


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