30 Days of Biking: Permission to ride inside?

30 Days of Biking: Permission to ride inside?
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I don’t mind getting caught in the occasional downpour or riding my bike while it’s drizzling. Thunder, lightning, hail, and gusty winds? No thanks, I think I’ll take a pass.

After going nine for nine in April’s 30 Days of Biking, I was having some serious misgivings about riding today (April 10, 2013).

In nine consecutive days, I have logged 101 miles. It’s less than I’d like (about half of what I rode last year), but as much as I’ve been able to squeeze into my busy schedule. I’ve ridden in temperatures as low as 39 degrees, battled a 35 mph headwind, and endured a steady, cold drizzle at 42. While the Weather Channel app on my iPhone was predicting calmer skies mid-morning, I was a little reluctant to trust them as hail pelted my office window…

This is a real dilemma.

My daily rides have reinvigorated me. I zip through the day’s tasks with anxious anticipation. I gain a second wind of energy after I return. I check the weather and build the following day’s schedule around when and where I plan to ride. I’m back in the groove!

But today, it seemed like nothing would come together. Would the storm end before I had to head out on sales calls? Would it return at the end of the day when I could squeeze in a quick lap or two before dark? Could Day 10 go down in the books as a permanent rain delay, a goose egg, the end of a streak?

I might as well just surrender to the weather and head to the gym…

If I pedaled the stationary bike at the Y, I would still technically be cycling. No one could hold that against me, could they? Sure, I’d be willing to accept their scorn and ridicule. Yes, I am a wimp – a fair weather rider – a Fred. I could never make it on the harsh streets of Minneapolis where plans are already in the works for riding in the 12 inches of snow predicted for tomorrow.  I should just hang my head in shame…

After taking one last look at the Weather Channel app and poking my head out the front door, it was time to make a decision. 37 degrees with an 11 mph wind from the northeast or a balmy 72 with only the breeze from the floor fans circulating other people’s sweat?

Tough choice indeed.

I rode outside…

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Keep riding and be safe.


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