Chicago bicycling advocacy gets a big boost with Streets Blog

Chicago bicycling advocacy gets a big boost with Streets Blog
Steven Vance and John Greenfield of Streets Blog Chicago, image courtesy of Grid Chicago

Congratulations to Steven Vance and John Greenfield from Grid Chicago for being selected to head up the latest addition to the Streets Blog Network – Streets Blog Chicago!

If you’re not familiar with Streets Blog, sorry to say, you’re just not one of the cool kids.  Not to worry though, prior to the recent popularity of Portlandia and the Big Bang Theory, it wasn’t very hip to publicly reveal your admiration for livable cities and the level of nerdity required to actually delve into the active transportation policies that make it all possible.  Now that pop culture and a far left president have removed the stigma associated with both intellectual curiosity and progressive activism, it’s ok to indulge your inner geek and get downright giddy about transportation policy!

As a lone cyclist riding along the mean streets of Chicago or the avenues of indifference out in the suburbs, it’s easy to forget that there are people behind the scenes that actually care about your well-being.  Each day, bicycling advocates’ voices are getting a little bit louder and their ideas are finally being heard by politicians and policymakers.  Joining together with pedestrians and public transportation patrons, we’re slowly moving beyond the “wouldn’t it be nice” imagining phase to the “I can’t believe we finally got this!” completion stage.

It’s all about communication.  Staying in tune.  Sharing the news.  Remaining engaged.

Streets Blog Chicago will be our primary source for getting the word and getting the word out.  Add it to your bookmarks. Fan it on Facebook.  Follow it on Twitter.  Like their posts and tweets and share them with your network of friends and followers.

As of January 22, 2013, Steven Vance and John Greenfield are writing Streetsblog Chicago, the latest addition to the Streetsblog family of transportation news websites.  We’ll be publishing more frequently about a wider range of transportation and public space topics, with more of a focus on late-breaking news.  We’re also adding new features like Today’s Headlines, a round-up of transportation stories from a wide variety of local publications.  We’ll also be posting articles from the Streetsblog network about U.S. transportation policy and issues happening in other parts of the country.  We’re confident that the new format will help keep you better informed about local and national topics.  It will also bring more attention to the movement to turn Chicago into a safer, more convenient and more fun place to walk, bike and take transit.

For former fans of Grid Chicago, Steven and John have left the site up as an archive for all the great commentary the pair has provided in the past two years.  If you weren’t familiar with their work, click over and give it a read – it’s a great preview of what you can expect from Streets Blog CHI.

Chicago – we’re off the grid and on the network – let’s keep rolling forward and show the rest of this country how it’s done!


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