Sixty Second Cycling: Upcoming Events & Weekly Recap

I’m definitely phoning it in this Friday.

Instead of being downtown at Daley Plaza celebrating Chicago’s Bike To Work Week, I’m in a hotel room midway to Sioux Falls, South Dakota (via Minneapolis).  A hectic work schedule has prevented me from partaking in a great week of Chicago cycling events and some of the best riding weather we’ve seen this season.

As I have said before, bike week may be ending, but bicycling will continue indefinitely.

Events like Chicago’s B2WW and National Bike Month, Bike Week, and Bike Day are great ways to showcase cycling.  We need to be seen on our bikes to remind people that bicycling exists as as a personal option for improving individual health, relieving stress, reducing traffic congestion, improving air quality, and decreasing dependence on fossil fuels.

And it’s fun!

There was a great blog post circulating this past week that stated it far more eloquently than I just did.  We all bike for different reasons and it’s usually after some very profound, personal “aha” moment.  Have you found yours yet?

While I prepare to ride six straight days of Tour de Kota, here’s a list of upcoming events that may help you rediscover cycling locally this week.  Thanks, as always, to the chainlink for providing such a valuable resource for Chicago cyclists.

Friday, June 15th:  Le Tour de Shore (7:30am Chicago to Michigan), Bike to Work Rally (7:30 – 9:30am, Daley Plaza)

Saturday, June 16th:  Le Tour de Shore (Chicago to Michigan), Ride to Recharge (Chicago), Major Taylor Cycling Club BIG Ride (Plank Trail), Bike for Kids (Camp Edwards, Troy, WI), North Burb Brewpub Ride (Foster & Damen), Chicago Center for Green Technology 10th Anniversary (Chicago), Lincoln Square Kidical Mass (Chicago), CTTC Open Mic Night (the Palzie)

Sunday, June 17th:  The Breakfast Club June Ride (Chicago)

Tuesday, June 19th:  Chainlink Biking Semester: Racing 101 (Chicago)

More events for Wednesday, Thursday, and next weekend – including meetings, 2012 Longest Day Bicycle Ride, and the chainlink’s bar night – can all be found on the events calendar at the chainlink.

Don’t forget, regional events are listed on Mike Bentley’s Midwest Bicycle Rides page.

Last, but certainly not least, is the great reporting on Chicago cycling performed weekly by Steven Vance and John Greenfield at Grid Chicago.  Find out what happened at the latest 2020 Streets for Cycling Plan meeting.

If you are looking for safe places to ride in the area, here’s a past post that highlights a few resources.

Keep riding and be safe!


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