Sixty Second Cycling: Weekend Events and Places to Ride

Sixty Second Cycling: Weekend Events and Places to Ride
Typical bike path scene, found at Trail Link

National Bike Month may be over, but bicycling will continue indefinitely!

Warm weather is here to stay and you don’t have to look very far to find somewhere fun to ride.  Even if you’re not sure about participating in a local or regional event, you need look no further than Google Maps for suggestions on where to ride your bike.

The best way to use this resource is to enter destinations for a route you already take – your home and the library, the gym, the grocery store or work, for example.  Above the destination boxes you will find four icons.  Click on the bicycle icon and all of the area bike paths and bike lanes magically appear!

The bicycling function is designed to show you the safest route to ride a bicycle.  It will attempt to keep you off busier roads and prioritize bicycle paths, bike lanes, and residential streets.  It’s not perfect – it may not be aware of all the bike paths, wide sidewalks, and cut-throughs available – but it will map a course you can investigate further on your own.

Using the bicycling function on Google Maps reveals the locations of all the bike trails in a solid green line.  Neighborhood paths, forest preserve trails, and regional rail trails are all visible – many you might not have been aware of.  More information about regional trails and many of the forest preserve trails can be found at Trail Link – a resource provided for free by Rails to Trails Conservancy.  Further info can be found at each forest preserve district’s website (although it may take a little navigating to find).

Each week I publish a summary of the upcoming events featured on the chainlink.  This week I want to congratulate Julie Hochstadter for appearing on WGN news and thank her for all her hard work advocating for city cyclists.  The chainlink is a great online community that all area cyclists should be a part of.

Friday – June 1stTwo Brothers Hop Juice Festival (Aurora), Lake Bluff Twilight Criterium, First Friday Ride

Saturday – June 2nd: Two Brothers Hop Juice Festival (Aurora), Glencoe Grand Prix, Tour of Irving Park, Bike & Dine Lockport

Sunday – June 3rd:  Ride for the Arts (Milwaukee), Udder Century (Union, IL – just west of Elgin), Busse Bike & Barbeque (Elk Grove), Paralympic Cycling Day, Baby Shower Bike Ride,

Monday – June 4th: Full Moon Fiasco

Wednesday – June 6th: Streets for Cycling Plan 2020 meeting, Douglas Park

Thursday – June 7th:  Critical Lass

Events beyond next Thursday can be found on the chainlink’s calendar.  Events outside the Chicagoland area can be found at Mike Bentley’s Midwest Bike Rides.

Keep riding and be safe!


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