Tonight's Ride of Silence and Another Call for Action

Tonight's Ride of Silence and Another Call for Action

Tonight marks the 10th Annual Ride of Silence happening in communities throughout all 50 states and abroad.  I encourage ALL cyclists to make the effort to ride with us in honor of those who have fallen while silently demonstrating our right to share the road.

I have written about the importance of the ride here and my personal experience on last year’s ride here.  I can’t really add anything to these two posts other than my appeal for you to join us.  I will be riding with the group meeting in Crystal Lake at 6:45pm.

The Transportation Bill.

First the House tried to cut us off completely.  Next the Senate restored our whopping 2%.  Then our controversy-averse elected officials decided to postpone the debate by extending the funding for a little while longer.

Now they’re back.  Meeting on the down-low.  Hoping we won’t notice what they’re trying to negotiate out of the public eye.  Thanks to the vigilance of the League of American Bicyclists and other advocacy groups like Rails to Trails Conservancy and our own Active Transportation Alliance, sunlight is being directed at their activities.

Please take a moment to visit the League’s Take Action Page and let your three US representatives (2 senators and 1 congressman) know that you support continued funding for transportation enhancements.  It only takes a minute or two to complete the form and send it off to your reps.

We’re making great strides in gaining acceptance for biking and walking as transportation alternatives that deserve continued Federal funding (America Bike’s Survey shows 83% of Americans in favor).  Let’s keep the pressure on and stand up – on our feet or our pedals – for our fair share!

Keep riding and be safe!


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