Recommended Reading: Grid Chicago

Recommended Reading: Grid Chicago
Courtesy Grid Chicago

It’s taken six months of blogging here on Chicago Now to get a true feel of what my readers are most interested in.  Not surprisingly, the answer is…


You wouldn’t think there could be anything controversial about bicycling.  It’s great exercise.  It can be very relaxing.  Riding a bike has no negative impact on the environment.  More bikes on the street means less cars and less cars means less congestion.  Who could be against these benefits?

Turns out, plenty of people are anti-bike.

We’re not talking solely about your typical “angry at the world” types (thankfully, most of those guys just comment on The Daily Caller).  We’re not talking about your Christoper Hitchens types who are well-reasoned, professional contrarians, either.

Sadly, we’re talking about your average motorist who doesn’t care to share the road with bicycles.

I will comment on sharing the road and stand up for cyclists’ rights every time this controversy heats up.  While I’m passionate about cycling, I’m no expert on urban planning and transportation solutions for the 21st century.

Steven Vance is.

He and Chicago cycling writer John Greenfield write a blog called Grid Chicago.  They cover a variety of topics relating to transportation and urban planning that pertain specifically to citizens of Chicago.

Take some time to check it out and discover the possibilities of thoughtful planning and complete streets.

Add Grid Chicago to your daily news reader (it’s on mine).  Fan Grid Chicago on Facebook (after you fan Easy As Riding A Bike, that is) so it appears on your news feed.

I probably should have added this to my Cyclist’s Resolutions for 2012 post;  11) Stay informed on cycling-related urban planning.

Unfortunately, it didn’t lend itself to a punchline…

Keep riding and be safe in 2012!


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    Really enjoy your blog, has become part of my regular reading. Looking forward to what you have planned for 2012. I would like to see more local info, maybe Chicago specific cycle culture news, random interviews w/ "cyclists on the street", store profiles, etc.

  • In reply to Eli Varol:

    Thanks! I will take your suggestions into consideration and do my best to accommodate. Happy New Year!

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