Deciphering the Bicycling News Feed

As you can see from the shiny new button above, I’ve added a Bicycling News Feed courtesy of Google Reader.

If you’re jonesing for cycling stories to make the Chicago Winter more bearable, you may just find an interesting article or two to read each day.

That is, of the eight hundred or so that may show up in the feed during a 24-hour period…

Yes, I may very well have overdone it in my quest to cover every possible RSS, Google Blog, and Google News feed using the keywords bike, bicycle, bicycling, bicyclist, cycling, and cyclist.  Note to readers; the keyword “bicyclist” is invariably followed by the phrase “struck by car.”   I’ve debated jettisoning that word from the web crawler.

As you might imagine, many, many of these listings are duplicates.  Others are verbatim re-posts on additional sites.  I’ve quickly learned to eliminate Facebook and Twitter feeds from the search criteria.  Also, any feed that includes the word “forum” means that you’ll see a new entry appear every time someone comments on a posted story.  Those listings can multiply faster than the Duggars.

All in all, it’s turning out to be a pretty effective tool.  I highly recommend signing up for Google Reader (it’s free to individuals with a gmail account).  It’s fairly easy to use (unlike Blogger or gmail) and you can avoid setting up your own search criteria by subscribing to other people’s news bundles.

The Easy As Riding A Bike News Bundle has been edited down to only those sources that are of interest to local cyclists.  It includes feeds from national, regional, and local advocacy groups, transportation specialists, bicycle commuters, and national bike bloggers, as well as general bicycling news.  You’ll still get the occasional story about a stolen bike or a bicycle kick in a soccer game, but it’s still more effective than following every cycling fan page on Facebook or Twitter (yes, I do that too).

If you’re interested in product reviews and road racing news, I’ve separated those topics into separate bundles.  Shoot me a message and I’ll send you a link to my other subscriptions.

From this point forward I hope to focus on writing original content and adding commentary to timely cycling stories.

Keep riding (or thinking about riding) and be safe (or warm)!




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