Give it a rest, Michael Wilbon

Give it a rest, Michael Wilbon
give it a rest, Wilbon.

No matter how much of a die hard fan you are, or how frustrated you get at the Derrick Rose saga, Chicago sportswriter Michael Wilbon will always be there to remind you that you are all stupid for taking issue with Derrick Rose’s drawn out return.

You have to ask yourself why?

Why does a sportswriter/reporter take zero issue with a lack of information to report on regarding Derrick Rose? Why does Wilbon take information given to him from the team regarding doctor’s clearance of Rose, and respond by saying “the team should have said nothing, ruled him out for the season before it started.”

Why is a person who’s job it is to report on what is actually going on doing his best to ignore what is actually going on?!

Wilbon’s latest article “Missing the Point” does exactly that. First, he inflates the ineptitude of Iman Shumpert and Ricky Rubio since returning from their ACL injuries:

“I’ll leave it to others to compare Rose’s comeback to Ricky Rubio, whose next explosive play will be his first, and Iman Shumpert, who’s been a shadow of his rookie self”

Ricky Rubio, over the past 2 months of the season, averaged 13 pts and 8 assists, featuring a triple double at San Antonio in a 20 point blow-out of the Spurs. In his previous season before the injury, Rubio was 10.7 and 7. And Shumpert was a serviceable rookie, having to fill in for long stretches at PG for Raymond Felton, and also on a team that did not have Kidd, Prigioni, or JR Smith for the entire season. Per 36 minutes, Shumpert’s numbers were identical, even with fewer shot attempts with so many other shooters now in the Knicks lineup.

And what about those prior cases:

“Players such as: Penny Hardaway, Gilbert Arenas, Tim HardawayAntonio McDyess and Bernard King.”

Okay, so we can scratch the Hardaways off the list along with King, because they happened to play in the dark ages of knee surgery, specifically ACL. Back then, you’d have your knee completely opened up, and cadavers were not an option most of the time. Also, PT never took place before surgery, something that is now standard in increasing recovery.

That leaves Gilbert Arenas. Apparently we can’t even talk about his character issues, which Wilbon says came after his injury. Uh, yeah right, Gilbert has made headlines since he was shooting kids with a beebee gun out his window at U of A.

What about the actual injury? Well Arenas has never actually torn his ACL. He’s done several tears to his meniscus, including several surgeries to repair his medial meniscus. Lets hear what an expert surgeon says about the impacts of that injury, which is different from an ACL:

Dr. Bal Raj: After multiple injuries, your cartilage is there protecting your knee joints and even though it’s a meniscus injury, what happens is each and every time you sustain an injury, it’s usually an aggressive force of impact, flexion and rotation. So what happens is each and every time you injure your meniscus, you end up damaging your cartilage. You wear (down) your cartilage. So the more times you injure your cartilage, the more arthritic your knee gets because the definition of arthritis is wearing of your cartilage.” – Dime Magazine

Now, maybe Rose also had meniscus damage, but there hasn’t been one report about anything regarding his meniscus. Regardless, Wilbon has an uncanny ability of mixing facts around Derrick Rose. Why not compare Rose to Kevin Ware, Wilbon? Why not compare him to Joe Theismann? Shaun Livingston?

The bottom line is Michael Wilbon has made a calculated effort to be as close to Derrick Rose as possible. As an ESPN analyst and a Chicago representative, he’s unwilling to actually report or analyze because he’s too starry-eyed for Derrick Rose. If there’s a #return, and Rose is great, he wants to be the Ahmad Rashad to Michael Jordan. You can find information from his own article that contradicts his own argument:

“Perhaps you saw Hardaway’s comments to the Sun-Times. In case you didn’t, Tim Hardaway said it took him 11 months before he was ready to play in an NBA game. “My biggest thing,” he said, “was getting my head and knee on the same page, so I could do the same things I did before the injury — doing the crossover, exploding to the basket [and] not being afraid to lay the ball up over a big guy … I had to get to the points where I didn’t fear leaping off my [injured] leg … That was the biggest challenge I had to overcome … It’s something you just have to go out and do.”

11 months, so approximately 2 weeks ago for Rose. Something you just have to go out and do. hmmmmm.

Give it a rest, Wilbon.



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    Whimps gotta' stick together...................................

  • it's time for rose to man up/ the team needs him NOW

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    Give the whole topic a rest. In that regard Wilbon is right. I am sick of hearing about it. Are we secretly willing Drose back onto the court? The dude is a stand up guy and will be starring for the Bulls for years to come. If he is ready, he is intelligent enough to make it happen. It is all planned out already, I promise. This is a multi million dollars guy with lots of people around him allowing him to make the best decision. Just let it happen and enjoy the Bulls doing their best in the mean time.

  • Wilbon is not a reporter, he's a commentator. He's paid to give his opinion and to entertain, and I for one actually admire his loyalty at a time when so many people are selfishly turning on Rose. And did everyone forget so quickly what happened when Rose tried to come back too quickly from injury last year?

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Sucks - but this is why Rose should play when he's healthy. How is your commitment to Rose now?

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