My Life Saver.

While reading this article online, I thought back of how the Life Saver one of my students gave to me on my birthday, has in fact really been a Life Saver to me.

I have been going through a lot lately, and there have been many moments in which I had no clue what to do next.

I don’t remember that I have ever felt so bad, so sad and so alone.

I have been running to the bathroom, just to cry, while trying to pull myself back together.

At those times, I noticed my hand going into my pocket, holding the hard, round shaped, peppermint candy.

I never really thought anything of it, until I read the article that I linked above.

It was then when I realized, how my student and his one piece of candy had helped me during these last weeks.

I was touched by the gesture of him giving me that Life Saver, since I knew that he really liked it himself.

He is also one of my super awesome special needs students, at the high school (with more than 70% low income families) that I teach at.

Getting a piece of candy from one of MY students means the world to me. I don’t think I have ever gotten a better birthday present.

I will cherish this Life Saver until I don’t need it anymore.

Maybe I will pass it on to someone who needs it more than I do.

Here’s to hoping that this moment will arrive (soon).

I wish you all the best in life, and while your out there, buying presents and food for your family, please remember that it’s not about how big or expensive the gift is, it’s the thought (of you) that counts.

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