My Life Saver.

While reading this article online, I thought back of how the Life Saver one of my students gave to me on my birthday, has in fact really been a Life Saver to me. I have been going through a lot lately, and there have been many moments in which I had no clue what to... Read more »

Turning 38

Turning 38
I turned 38 this week. 38. I still remember my mom being 38, because that’s when she gave birth to my sister. I still remember thinking that my mom was very old at 38. When I look at myself at 38, I don’t think I am old. I do hope to get old one day.... Read more »

My 28-year-old sister passed away 1 year ago.

One year. One whole year. I just can’t believe it. A whole year in which we could have had fun. When I visited her in November of 2017, while she was in the hospital, she told me she was looking forward to a vacation at our place. She talked about chilling in our pool, going... Read more »

Why I still love teaching, even after the worst start I've ever had.

Since August 9th, I am back at teaching (my own classroom) again. Although it’s been a very bumpy start I love what I do. It’s not anyone’s mistake, I simply got hired very late, because my Dutch teaching license still had to get approved for teaching in the U.S. Because of all this, I missed... Read more »

It would have been your 29th birthday...

It’s the day before my sister would have turned 29. I’ve been feeling it all day. It’s a feeling I can’t quite describe. I don’t want to go to bed, because if I do, and I wake up, the day is there. It will even be more than halfway gone in the Netherlands. That’s why... Read more »

Why I was very grumpy packing for my long needed vacation.

Why I was very grumpy packing for my long needed vacation.
Preparing for a great trip should bring someone happiness, you would think. Of course there’s always a bit stress too, but that’s how it should be. Somehow going on a trip just doesn’t make me feel happy today. I was very grumpy, and I had no clue why. Until I starting thinking about why going... Read more »

Interview with Lyndsay Hartman from Point to Point Kane County.

A few months ago, while I was scrolling through my Facebook posts, one particular message caught my eye. I had just lost my sister to liver cirrhosis (cause still not a 100% clear, but I am sure the drugs, over-the-counter medication and alcohol she used for years didn’t helped her in any way with this),... Read more »

Hotel Aurora (1917) - Aurora, Illinois

Ever since I set foot in this building, on March 6th of 2014, I fell in love with this gorgeous building. I can only imagine what happened inside these walls (If these walls could talk…). Hotel Aurora was the first large hotel, that was constructed from 1916 to 1917. It was opened on July 14th... Read more »

I still miss you so much - In loving memory of my aunt, 5 years later.

Although it’s five whole years ago, I still miss my aunt very much. I am sure this feeling will never go away. I still miss the conversations we had, the walks in nature, the way she really listened to me, without judging. She simply was always there. Although she forget herself sometimes. I still cry... Read more »

PI Day - A day the Dutch should be proud of, but probably don't even realize.

Who knew that Ludolph van Ceulen (1540-1610), who spent a major of his life calculating PI, was actually the son of Hester de Roode and Johannes van Ceulen? He was a German-born Dutchman!  He calculated the 35 digits of PI in 1600, after Greek mathematician Archimedis had calculated that PI was less than 3 1/7... Read more »