Who is Jill Ciminillo?

@girlinthetrunkI ask myself this question daily. And I have to admit the answer changes depending on the day.

Today, I'm girl recovering from a broken foot. Getting into the swing of running again and making sure that my body is healthy and ready to run. I'm also going through an allergy detox diet, and I'm not happy about it. If my rants become more prolific, you'll know why.

Yesterday, I was taking a new job as a Social Media Director for a broadcast company based in Schaumburg. So, if there's a new social media thing out there, I'm either on it or looking for the next best thing. My current faves: Instagram, Facebook, SpundgeEmpire Avenue and Twitter. Check me out, talk to me or follow me ...

Tomorrow, I'm getting ready to train for my 7th marathon. And, God-willing, it'll be an injury free season this year.

Always, I'm a reluctant car geek who will stop in the middle of the sentence to point at a Maserati Grand Turismo parallel parked on the street or be able to identify the car driving behind me at night simply by the shape of the headlights. You can follow my tests cars on twitter following #cardujour, and if you want to see something funny, check out @girlinthetrunk (who is 1.5 cubic feet of cargo volume).

So, who is Jill Ciminillo? Someone who's probably pretty close to the girl next door.

DISCLAIMER: So, ChicagoNow has asked me to tell you that the cars I drive are provided to me by the automotive manufacturers for free. I don't rent them, buy them or pay for them in any way. Guess that's kind of the meaning of free. But, lest you think this sways my opinion, I'd like to point out that I'm kind of an equal opportunity hater. Or lover. Depending on the car. I mean, if you have any doubt, check out anything marked "Today's Rant." Want specific examples? Well, I can tell you General Motors was none too pleased about my rant on the Cruze fuel economy. I got a phone call about 5 minutes after the post. And Infiniti was agog that I liked the M37 but gave the car a 3 on the Chicago-worthy scale. That rated an email. The point: I'm too honest for my own good. The fact that I drive these cars for free does not sway my opinion. Doubt me? Feel free to challenge me, call me out or email me. Seriously, I'd love to hear from you. Oh, you want my email? Easy: jillciminillo@gmail.com.