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Today's Rave: 2013 Subaru Legacy tech features

Today's Rave: 2013 Subaru Legacy tech features
A couple of my tweeps are giving my current car du jour some hard knocks. They’re calling it dull and cheap, and they’re saying it’s way too expensive for what it is. They’re even recommending that you should buy a BMW or Audi instead. Um. Really? I think they kind of missed the point. The... Read more »

Today's Rave: Mazda CX-9 Bluetooth audio

Today's Rave: Mazda CX-9 Bluetooth audio
OK, I now have a new favorite feature that doesn’t center around heated seats or steering wheels. It’s the Bluetooth streaming audio that I found in the Mazda CX-9. I don’t keep music on my phone, so even though I use the Bluetooth for phone conversations, I’ve not tested the streaming audio before. Luckily, my... Read more »

Nissan Juke: quirky or ugly?

Seriously … Tell me what you think. Is it a bullfrog or a crouching tiger waiting to pounce? The all-new Nissan Juke is certainly unusual, and it invariably incites a visceral response. What’s yours. Do you love it? Hate it? Would you buy it?

Nissan Juke is almost an ideal Chicago car

I know it’s not the most attractive vehicle out there. But I prefer to call the Nisan Juke quirky rather than ugly. Or if you must use a “u” word … How about unique? Not buying it? Let’s see if I can convince you. In terms of utility, the Juke is both compact and functional.... Read more »

Today's Rave: Hypermiling in the Lexus IS 350

I drive back and forth to Hoffman Estates every day from Logan Square. I’m right off the interstate in both instances, so my commute is mostly highway driving. Even better: I don’t head into the office until about 10 a.m., and all that pesky traffic stuff is out of my way. I always look at... Read more »

2011 Infiniti M37: Roomy but expensive

I liked the 2011 Infiniti M37. But it was mostly for all the gadgets and geegaws that were included in the $60K price tag. The navigation system worked really well, and I fully appreciated the voice commands that got it right the first time. The rear camera was helpful for those tight city maneuvers, and... Read more »

Today's Rave: Infiniti M37 greeting lights

Even though everyone else at the office leaves at 5 p.m., I just can’t seem to get my butt out the door before 7 p.m. Which means that it’s full dark by the time that I leave. And though the area is safe (it’s Hoffman Estates, for Pete’s sake), there’s just always something a bit... Read more »

2011 Ford Edge: An SUV that doesn't like the cold?

2011 Ford Edge Sport after the 2011 Blizzard I got the Ford Edge test car at the beginning of Blizzard 2011. And I was thanking my lucky stars. All-wheel drive, heated seats, hands-free calling, weather updates, rear backup camera … The perfect car. And driving at the beginning of snowmageddon was awesome. People were spinning... Read more »