Car Stuff Podcast: BMW 8 Series, an Infiniti reboot & self-driving features

Car Stuff Podcast: BMW 8 Series, an Infiniti reboot & self-driving features
The 2020 BMW M8 is one of those vehicles Jill wanted to find a way to keep. It's just that cool. You'll have to listen to the podcast to see why. (Jill Ciminillo)

This week’s Consumer Guide Automotive Car Stuff Podcast covers a wide range of topics, starting with the fact the Infiniti brand is getting a makeover, and rather than shooting for the likes of Mercedes-Benz or BMW, it’s aiming to be a kind of Nissan Plus. Our jury’s still out on what that means or if it will be successful, but we’re pretty sure this means the end of rear-wheel drive at Infiniti.

Since we’ve all had the chance to drive different versions of the new BMW 8 Series, our #cardujour conversation was a mishmash of what we’ve driven. Me? I wax poetic about the M8. While I get a lot of vehicles I like in any given test year, this is one I loved. If I could have kept it, I totally would have.

Our guest this week was Kelsey Mays, senior consumer affairs editor at, goes over some of the more popular self-driving (ish) features available in cars. He’s quick to point out currently there are no self-driving cars, and categorizes these features more along the lines of driver’s aids. He’s compiled a comprehensive list of which features are available on which vehicles. 

Apologies for the long stretch between posts, but I’ve been dealing with a family situation, so this was one of those things that got missed the past few weeks. However, I was still recording the podcast, so if you aren’t a subscriber and have been missing the last few episodes, you can catch them here:

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  • You have the wrong podcast embedded; this one was from a couple of weeks ago, recognizable from the Ram Dakota. I found the correct one on Buzzsprout.

    I follow the discussion of Infinity compared to Lincoln and Accura, but al least Lincoln got rid of the Mk confusing nomenclature, and successfully hid that the Continental was a stretch Fusion. I also follow the philosophy that one gets adequate luxury by buying the top line of the base brand, such as a Honda V6 or Toyota XLE.

  • In reply to jack:

    Thanks for the heads up. Apparently I copied the code but didn't replace the link. And I kind of agree about the top level of the base brand. This was especially true for me in the Honda/Acura schema ... but Acura is starting to differentiate itself a bit.

  • For Tom's benefit, the conceit of Hogan's Heroes was that all the actors playing Nazis were Jews, and mostly refugees. (Sort of similar to Mel Brooks explaining Springtime for Hitler that you can't argue with them, so make fun of them) On the other hand, the types of vehicles used by the Germans in WWII are the reason why some people now don't buy German cars (especially not MB and BMW).

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