Podcast: Audi Q8, Tesla Autopilot takeback, Electrify America

Podcast: Audi Q8, Tesla Autopilot takeback, Electrify America
2019 Audi Q8 (Photo by Jill Ciminillo)

On this week’s podcast, we had an interesting discussion about Tesla taking back Autopilot from a used vehicle remotely. The kicker is, the feature was on the sticker sheet and various Tesla dealers have confirmed that Autopilot is not a subscription-based item. So once you buy it, it’s on the vehicle for the life of the vehicle.

In our opinion, Tesla taking back Autopilot is kind of like another automaker ripping out your leather seats and replacing them with cloth because you weren’t the original owner.

We also discussed last week’s #cardujour, the Audi Q8, and had a fascinating interview with Richard Steinberg, senior director of Green Cities, marketing and communications for Electrify America, to discuss Electrify America’s expanding network of EV charging stations. 

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