Feature Friday: Around-view backup cameras

Feature Friday: Around-view backup cameras
The around-view camera in the Genesis G70 shows a top-down view as well as selectable front, rear and side views. (Photo by Jill Ciminillo)

Having a backup camera installed in vehicles became mandatory in May of 2018. While this is a nifty feature, not all cameras — or displays — are created equal. I’ve seen some pop up in a 4-inch rectangle on the rearview mirror, and I’ve seen others, such as the one in the 2020 Genesis G70 give multiple, selectable views on a big center screen.

I wouldn’t recommend that anyone drive by the camera display alone, but this is a nice tool for fine tuning your parking job. The top-down view is especially helpful in tight urban spaces when you are trying to maneuver around parked cars, curbs and potholes.

Unfortunately, though backup cameras are standard, sexy birds-eye view displays are usually optional content. For example, on the G70, the surround view monitor is available on the base vehicle, but you have to add the $8,450 Prestige Package to get it, which will put the vehicle price at around $45K.

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