Feature Friday: Mazda Infotainment System

Feature Friday: Mazda Infotainment System
Mazda Infotainment Explained

I am not an audiophile. In fact, I’m more likely to drive with a podcast playing in the background or to complete silence.

So, an audio system in a vehicle isn’t the first thing I test. Therefore when everyone started to complain about the Mazda infotainment system, I pooh pooh’d them.

Until my husband tried to change the radio stations in the Mazda3 while we were on a drive out to the northern suburbs. And he couldn’t. Then I tried to do it when we pulled up to our destination. And I couldn’t.

I came to the conclusion that I loved the car and hated the infotainment.

Mazda took note, and at the recent Mazda CX-30 press preview, execs spent a lot of time explaining the system and telling us why this is better than a touch screen.

If you own a Mazda or are thinking of owning a Mazda, you might want to watch this 10-cent tour of the audio infotainment system with Mazda’s Dave Coleman. Even if you aren’t a Mazda owner or fan, it’s worth a listen because he also talks about why a touch controller is better than a touch screen.


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