Ford MyKey in the 2014 Fiesta

Ford MyKey in the 2014 Fiesta

Hey, parents: Thinking about buying a car for your teen? Then you should know about Ford MyKey and the 2014 Fiesta.

Let’s face it, you can’t be with your teenager every time he or she drives. But you can make sure that they’re being safe behind the wheel with MyKey. It allows parents to set a few key controls that help fight against distracted driving and create a safer environment for your new driver.

Key features include:

  • A speed limiter: You can limit the top speed to 80 mph using MyKey, and you can also set up the control to chime speed alerts at 45, 55 and 65 mph.
  • Do not disturb: When your teen’s phone is paired with Sync, you can set the system to automatic do not disturb so that all calls go automatically into voicemail and text messages are held for later.
  • Belt minder: If your teen isn’t buckled up, MyKey can mute the radio until the belt is buckled.
  • Volume limiter: You can limit the audio output to 44% of the maximum volume so that jamming to tunes doesn’t provide a distraction while driving.
  • E reminder: Who wants to run out of gas? Not me! And surely not your teen. MyKey will set additional warnings to fuel up at 75, 50 and 25 miles to empty.

MyKey is standard on more than 6 million Ford and Lincoln vehicles, including the 2014 Fiesta (i.e. no extra fees included!). Which is just one of the reasons Fiesta is a great choice for a newer driver.

Other reasons to consider Fiesta:

  • Base price is $14,100.
  • It’s compact enough that it’s easy to drive in tight spaces.
  • Highway fuel economy rings in at 39 mpg with the automatic transmission.
  • It’s actually a fun car to drive.
  • It comes with a manual transmission, and IMHO, all teens should know how to drive a manual.

Of course, these are great reasons for not-so-new drivers to consider Fiesta as well.

The tester came with a manual transmission, cloth heated seats and navigation, so my driving world was complete. In fact, I actually liked driving the Fiesta better than my previous week’s tester: a bland (yet unnamed) German luxury vehicle with an automatic transmission.

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  • The usual problem (which I think also applies to parental controls on TV): I'm sure that the average teen has better computer skills than the parent and can defeat these. Especially if the parent uses PASSWORD for the password.

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