2014 Fiat 500L: Phenomenal front-facing visibility

2014 Fiat 500L: Phenomenal front-facing visibility

When I first sat in the driver’s seat of the Fiat 500L, I was a bit put off by the split A-Pillar. I’ve seen them before in smaller cars, and they never seem to do anything for me. But in the mini SUV, they did something awesome: Increased visibility in an area that might be a potential blind spot.

I sit in a far-forward driving position, so when I come to a four-way stop I often need to lean forward and backward to look around the chunky A-Pillar in most SUVs to make sure that no one is in the crosswalk before I turn. But by splitting the A-Pillar, the 500L grants excellent visibility and creates a feel of open-air driving.

Combined with the expansive windshield and large side windows, overall front, side and rear visibility in the 500L is excellent.

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