VW launches hybrid Jetta

I recently had the chance to attend the launch of the all-new VW Jetta Hybrid in Santa Fe, NM. My driving partner was Dan Gray of MPGomatic. And when he pieced together his video review, I made a cameo appearance. Or at least, @girlinthetrunk did. I’ll be uploading pictures and review soon, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy Dan’s quirky-but-interesting review.



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  • 2 relatively serious points:
    1. The reference to the Prius seems to indicate that several manufacturers are aiming at that rather than the benefits of their own product. Another example is the Ford C-Max, which originally was supposed to be the hybrid equivalent of an Escape, but is now being reviewed as a Prius V fighter.

    2. Also based on the C-Max review in C&D, this car raises the similar issue of how efficient it would be if driven paddling through the shift points and with the turbo on full blow. I also commented on a similar car on Drive He Said, noting that the laws of stoichiometry should still apply.

    And 2 frivolous ones:
    1. I'd like a hybrid of the 54 Chevy depicted in the gas pump museum at 1:24.

    2. If a claim is made of 7 Ciminillos, I think you should provide them, and prove they all fit in the trunk. They might even have fun in there.

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