Today's Rant: VW Golf Bluetooth woes

Today's Rant: VW Golf Bluetooth woes

Living in Chicago, I find hands-free Bluetooth to be the new must-have in a car. Which is why I was particularly put out by the Bluetooth connectivity in the 2012 VW Golf. First, the pairing was a bit awkward to begin with. Then, every time I got an email, text message, Facebook alert, tweet mention, etc., the radio switched over to Bluetooth audio and the black-and-gray screen of annoyance. And, in case you’re wondering, this happened at least once every 5 minutes. If not once a minute.

Various tweeps made recommendations for a fix from unplugging the battery (eek!) to checking my phone settings. But, for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to avoid the frequent switch from my radio music to the silent Bluetooth audio. Though I do have to admit, I did not try unplugging the battery.

So, seriously, if you have the fix or know what was going on here, I’d love an answer in my comments below. Because, outside of this one rant, I thoroughly loved the Golf and would add it to my “could buy” list.


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  • Hey Jill,

    My recent experience was ditto in the Golf R and the CC, with the same interface screens (non-navigation).

    Did you try depressing the "Media" button on the upper right hand of the display and then select "Settings" where there is an option to de-select Automatic Bluetooth Audio (removing the check symbol from the box)?

    That worked for me, though each time I shut off the cars my phone media player would start playing (aloud in my pocket).

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