Today's Rant: Nissan Juke center console

So, in case you missed it, the CPD issued an advisory for people parking along the lakefront. Apparently the cars have been getting broken into. A lot. In broad daylight. So, this spurs today’s rant (or yesterday’s as the case may be). As a runner, I spend a lot of time along the lakefront, and I’d like to think that my car won’t get broken into. But when you’re driving a vehicle like the Nissan Juke with no center console hidey-holes, and though I don’t point it out in the video, no cargo cover in the rear, you paint a target all your windows that says: Break me.

So all my stuff that won’t fit in the glove box just hangs out there in the open, tempting a thief to get a closer look. Awesome. Luckily, no one saw fit to get up close and personal this week during my training run.


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  • All your stuff doesn't have to be left out in the open. Put it under the front seats. This is what folks did years ago before the advent of center console storage bins.

  • In reply to Jazzy:

    luckily, my purse is the size of a large envelope -- so that's exactly what i did, but if you have a larger purse or briefcase, there's absolutely no place to put it in this car where it won't get seen. not to mention the fact that I have a number of small items in my car at any given time: hands-free ear piece, charging cord, cell phone, iPod, notepad(s), keys, lunch bag ... you get the idea. it won't all fit under the seats, and it won't all fit in the glove compartment. without a cargo cover, that leaves me schlepping it with me every time i leave the car.

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