Today's Rave: Hypermiling in the Lexus IS 350


I drive back and forth to Hoffman Estates every day from Logan Square. I’m right off the interstate in both instances, so my commute is mostly highway driving. Even better: I don’t head into the office until about 10 a.m., and all that pesky traffic stuff is out of my way. I always look at this as my opportunity to see how close the EPA estimates really are.

In the case of the Lexus IS 350 — better than close. I’ve been going to the gym this week in Schaumburg, which takes me on surface streets, and I did have a Junior League meeting, which took me to the Gold Coast via stop-and-go North Ave. So, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing highway driving.

And yet, my mileage is still above the highway EPA estimate of 25 mpg.
And I’m not even trying that hard. I’m not driving 45 mph, I’m not
turning off my engine or doing those crazy FAS maneuvers.
I’m just driving like a real person with the occasional buffer and
coast into a red light hoping it’ll turn green before I stop.

I asked the guys at CleanMPG, and
they said at .7 mpg over the EPA estimate, I’m officially hypermiling.
Who knew? I have a long highway-laden road trip ahead. I bet I can do
even better.

There’s a certain unnamed vehicle that could learn a thing or two here. The IS tester is AWD and has a V-6 engine. Of course, one of my Facebook fans chalks it up to the nicer weather. Hmmm. We’ll see. There is a “rematch” in my future.


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  • Careful Jill, hypermiling can get a little addictive. I remember years ago the joy I felt when I earned my first 400 mile tank, then shortly after that my first 500 mile tank. Now I'm trying for my first ever 600 mile tank!

    You could carve a niche for yourself as the first auto journalist to see how good a car's mileage can be, rather than how quickly a car can slurp dead dinosaurs while whizzing towards 60 mph in the shortest time possible. The kids at CleanMPG would certainly read your column at least.....

  • In reply to killer6795:

    hahahaha! i'm not sure that hypermiling will be addictive. but i do have a certain competitive nature. which is why i was so ticked when the car that shall not be named couldn't even score city mpgs in mostly highway driving ...

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