Prepare to be Juked


2011 Nissan Juke

Today Nissan brings their funky new Juke to Chicago for a social media scavenger hunt. I’ll be driving around Chicago this morning looking for clues provided by @NissanNews on twitter and having the chance to test this all new active-lifestyle-vehicle-like, crossover-ish vehicle. Base price is $18,960.

Follow me on twitter @Jill_Ciminillo to see how I’m doing on the hunt, and check my blog later today for a photo gallery. We start at Goose Island.

In full disclosure, Nissan has asked me to tell you they’re buying me lunch. Not that this has ever stopped me from being honest. Ask General Motors how they felt about my recent Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid review. Or ask Mazda what they thought of my Mazda6 first look. I’m sure it’s not all warm fuzzies … and they’ve bought me lunch, too. I’m just saying.

Oh, and if you see someone driving a Juke today, ask if you can take a look.

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