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2015 FIAT 500C Abarth - Single-Footed Stomping the Scorpion - Short Review, Video

"The Tiny Terror from Toluca" (Mexico): 2014 FIAT 500C Abarth. Colored Granito Lucente (Granite Crystal to us Anglo's). All it takes to thoroughly enjoy this rambunctious, raucous rag-top Wild Child is genuine driver involvement and $26,195.<br> <br> Our fully loaded 5-speed manual tester, with leather seats, Beats audio, automatic climate control and TomTom pod-mount  SD navigation topped out at $31,645. <br>
Scorpions have one nasty sting! JustĀ  like Godzilla did to Bambi, humans can dispatch that venomous insect with one “swift, single-footed stomp.” FIAT, maker of insect-sized cars, recently cajoled “Drive…He Said” into taking a quick spin in their “Scorpion”, the 2015 FIAT 500C Abarth. The “C” represents nature’s free air conditioning via a clever, pillar-full... Read more »

2013 Mazdaspeed3 - Satisfying the Need for Speed - Video Test Drive

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Steps for Satisfying the “Drive…He Said” Need for Speed in the 2013 Mazdaspeed3 front-drive five-door “hot hatchback“: 1) Depress the light-to-disengage Speed3 clutch pedal. 2) Find forward gear Numero Uno of the close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission, a unit which is notchy when cold and downright recalcitrant when hot. 3) Apply throttle bring revolutions of the... Read more »