And now... about George Straton


I have had a passion about anything automotive since Ireceived my first toy VW Beetle as a toddler. According to my parents it was the one toy that I never tired of. That, in and of itself, was foretelling since the very first car I ever drove, some 15 years later, was a VW Beetle. For years friends,family and, of late, colleagues and clients have been just as likely to "bug" me about a prospective car purchase as to ask for advice on a legal issue. Then two years ago I began to formally write as an automotive journalist for a respected webazine. Of course that had the opposite effect of merely increasing the personal inquiries I would receive about vehicle purchases tenfold.

As an attorney by profession I have the opportunity to express myself in a way that can give others, whether judges, opposing counsel, even clients, pause to think or to ask relevant questions. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to inject some sarcasm, wit and humor to keep the proceedings from becoming as dry as Death Valley. This is the way I approach automotive writing.

What do I do to get away from it all? I love to travel particularly to Europe. Yet even there I can't seem to get away from ideas for a travelogue based on a particularly scenic or interesting drive. Simply leave me at a beach with a good mystery in hand (and plenty of SPF 45 lotion) and I am happy as pie.

"Drive...He Said" is a new automotive feature where enthusiasts and ZipCar drivers alike, can find brutally honest reviews, industry news, and insight on trends, real-life-anecdotes (with the true identities concealed to protect the not-so-innocent) likely to produce accelerated graying of hair amongst more than a few industry insiders. It is intended as part of a fortified and balanced diet to be taken along with heaps of Susan Frissell's ChicagoNow blog "Girls Go Racing".

Our trademark: Those evenly spaced long tire tread marks on a street nearest you.