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**CLICK HERE for the link to the Full REVIEW of the 2017 MINI John Cooper Works Clubman compact sports wagon at our sister website, ROADBLAZING.COM**


Give an in-house retro sport city car tuner, with a storied Formula One racing heritage, a longer canvas to ply its craft on.


John Cooper Works fortification and dressing of the F54 Mk. 3 MINI Cooper Clubman = a Seriously Sinister 2017 MINI John Cooper Works Clubman All4 compact sport wagon.


**CLICK HERE for the link to the Full REVIEW of the 2017 MINI John Cooper Works Clubman compact sport wagon at our sister website, ROADBLAZING.COM**


2017 MINI JCW Clubman All4 highlights:

– Starting price, including destination = $35,100 base 6-speed manual AWD. Reasonably equipped = $40,250.

– 12.4″-inches longer, 4.5″-inches wider, 46% more maximum cargo space than previous R55 MINI Cooper Clubman.

Ekes out the family crossover Mini Countryman for stowage.

– Higher belt-line, low slung roof and wagon proportions make an improved canvas for menacing JCW body cladding, lattice grills, aggressive corner straking and the nearly wild Chili Red roof & wing mirror cap contrast to the silver body.  Whereas this iteration of the retro modernist MINI line “Is Not Cute,” there is nary a Union Jack scheme.

– Instrumentation is less retro than before, motor sport motorcycle, with straight-on concentric analog gauges flanked by grim LEDs. The only real BMW corporate bin rip off is the 8.8″-inch LCD split screen repleted with center console I-Drive controller. The variable color Juke Box themed ring survives. It’s hard to deny the raw intimacy of the gated toggle levers and the glowing red ignition switch. There are the Mini Loop style seat levers. Commendable cabin detail design is meticulous enough to forgive hard plastics throughout.

– Cloth seats are a concession to cost. Yet girth restrictive micro-suede front bucket knee extender and integrated head-rests plus hard upper seat back proclaim track time aspirations. Where utility is concerned rear seat room pales compared to taller roof crossovers. Perhaps the most retro element of the Clubman is that outre rear split swing gate. Sure to be loved for small parcel loading. Certain to be maligned for wider loading, as will the low roof-line.

– Fortification of the BMW sourced, direct injected twin-cam 2.0L transverse I-4 engine = forged pistons, strengthened rings and dialed up turbocharger boost. Shifter action is also JCW improved for throw, with short travel, easy to modulate clutch take-up. The GKN all-wheel drive rear differential electronically locks. Especially in Sport drive mode, this engine pulls at triple digit speeds without loss of steam. Finally a leaner, meaner JCW exhaust with an authoritative bark. Take that Fiat 500 Abarth. 

– Drive-mode electronic Dynamic Damping imparts livability of not divot harmony to the ground hugging over-sprung and stiff bushed strut/ multi-link set-up. Something no 14.3″ inch wheelbase shorter F56 MINI Cooper S 3-door can attest to. Quick steering cops bits of road feel but the chassis could stand grippier summer performance rubber. Then the Brembo front big brake set up was off-putting with lagard response.

– 23 miles per gallon fuel economy ain’t so great by Golf R or Subaru WRX standards.

– Rear camera w/ predictive grid is standard; Sonar audbile park assist costs extra; More comprehensive driver assistance suite bumps MSRP to high $40k range.



**CLICK HERE for the link to the Full REVIEW of the 2017 MINI John Cooper Works Clubman compact sport wagon at our sister website, ROADBLAZING.COM**




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