2016 Hyundai Genesis 5.0L sedan - Pre- Rebranding, Luxury Muscle Value - Video Clip, Review

 “Drive…He Said” is excited over some long overdue automotive branding change coming this fall.

For one, the Scion brand is going away. Three remaining quirk-free models [ iA iM and FR-S ] will receive the proper Toyota badging as over most of the rest of the globe.

Another has some truly credible Hyundai luxury models, deservedly spinning-off to “begin” their own Genesis brand. Hoping to receive their own unique roofs within five years. Starting in September, the carry-over current Genesis sedan models will be re-badged as G80‘s.

All this re-branding = incentives from manufacturers to clear dealerships old-badged stock.

As of this writing, a perusal of local [Chicago] area new dealership inventory reveals perhaps a handful of likely the biggest luxury muscle sedan values remaining. Admittedly “Drive…He Said” was won over by the dapper Peter Schreyer styling and suspension tuning by Lotus of the 2015 Hyundai Genesis 3.8L V-6 H-TRAC luxury executive sedan with all-wheel drive.

Still we confess our greater lust for the more powerful 5.0L V-8 Genesis sedan. No, the 2016 Genesis 5.0L doesn’t have all-wheel drive. But the small-block V-8 develops 109 hp & 90 lb-ft more than the sizeable V-6. That’s a whopping 35% more power. Even with 270 extra pounds, the Genesis 5.0L 10.9 lbs/ hp power-to-weight ratio is a 21% improvement over the adequate V-6 model.

Lest anyone believe the Genesis 5.0L is a mere engine shoe-horn, they won’t be forgiven.

The springs are stiffer to handle the extra mass. Continually variable electronic damping is included for quicker compression and less dart. Tires are now staggered from 245/45 in front to steamrolling 275/35 out back, for increased negative caster which reduces understeer. Front brake rotors, already clamped down by monoblock 4-piston fixed calipers on the Genesis 3.8L, are upsized to 14.2″-inches.   That’s serious Mercedes AMG E63 sizing. The steering e-assist steering is untouched, and while the ratio is fast, on-center vagueness & minimal communication holds over from the Genesis 3.8L V-6 . Want to see a trick not possible in it’s less athletic sibling? Disable the Genesis 5.0L’ aggressive traction control for some lurid tire spinning.

Fully loaded, the 2016 Genesis 5.0L is priced at $53,000. Genesis owner internet forums are peppered with accounts of near $40,000 transaction prices , factoring in generous discounts and rebates.

If the Hyundai Genesis 5.0L isn’t the hot-lap equal of the V-8 powered Lexus GS-F and BMW 550i, neither can be touched for < $70,000. The Infiniti Q70 5.6L offers greater parity but commences at $63,000, chewing up another $7K for comparable contenting. Even the twin-turbo V-6 then the Cadillac CTS V-Sport commands more than $60K.

The change remaining from that great deal on a Genesis 5.0L will pay for that re-badged Toyota FR-S. With enough left over for a G80 tail emblem.

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