DHS Drifting Days, Summer 2015 - in the 2015 Scion FR-S automatic - Video short review

About a year ago, “Drive…He Said” got our hands on a trackable/ streetable sports coupe that won’t break the bank: the 2014 Scion FR-S .

Sentiments = Mostly keen on this Frankenstein-ed and Portmaneau-ed Toyobaru (or Subayota), once past the challenging ingress, minimalist instrumentation, lower-rent materials and miniscule rear seat.

Was it the:

A) Affordable to many, $25K starting price? B) SAAB Sonett resemblance? B) Floggable, naturally aspirated, though slightly anemic at upper end, boxer-four gas mill? C) 27 combined MPG? D)Numb on center, yet quick steering? E) Willing, rarely fading fixed caliper disc brakes? F) Reasonably compliant ride, after railroad crossings? G) Highly bolstered, narrow-of-frame discriminating, front buckets? or H) Slight nose heaviness and dialed-in tail happiness?

Honestly, plenty of the love was for (H), earning  Scion FR-S the appellation: “Tangerine Drift Dream.”

It turns out we didn’t get a chance to videograph last summer’s rear-wheel drift exercises in the  2014 manual gearbox Scion FR-S

One summer later, Scion sent us a 2015 FR-S, with the optional 6-speed paddle shifting automatic transmission,  for a Rear-Wheel Drift Redux.

“Doing the Drifting Deed”:

1) Find some asphalt pavement, the fresher, the better; 2) Twist the key…yes, an actual key…to start the ignition. Hear the idle settle into a boxer rumble. 3) Via the switch buttons on the center console, de-activate Traction Control;  4) De-activate stability control by depressing button for more than 5 seconds; 5) Turn the steering wheel full left; 6) Engage 1st gear ONLY; 7) Mash the accelerator; 8) Allow tail to slip out forwards of the front axle line; 9) Lift off throttle slightly; 10) Counter-steer hard in the opposite direction and jam on the accelerator again.

Squealing, all-season Bridgestone Turanza EL400-02s aside the FR-S is the perfect learning tool for “Virgin Drifters.”

It all makes the near 50% drop in Scion FR-S sales from their 18,000 peak in the 2013 launch year that much more perplexing. Blame it on confused Scion brand-imaging, declining disposable income available for niche vehicles, or the latest “Cute-Ute” craze.

Drive…He Says” says: Seekers of  Sideways Driving should ignore all premature epitaphs for the very driftable Scion FR-S.

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