Keeping Four Eyes Peeled - New Windshield Wiper Blades Let the Sunshine In - DIY Vehicle Maintenance

Outside temps have already started their wintry descent. As traffic races by a fresh splash of salted road slush smacks the middle of your car’s windshield. Instinctively you activate your the windshield wipers. As the wiper arms move to and fro the result is smeared rather than cleared glass.  More aggravating is the chatter which isn’t caused by your pearly whites.

Some “Do-It-Yourself  TLC” is in order for you car / truck / van.  Do some holiday shopping for your ride at the nearest auto parts store, general merchandise store. Or simply let your fingers do the on-line walk to pick out a pair of new windshield wiper blades. Its nice to know that many brands even offer rebates available during the late fall and early winter.

You say you’re almost positive that you swapped out the wiper blades last year? Or that a yours are the more expensive integrated-frame “beam-style” blade fitted to many newer cars today? Even that the rubber is advertised to be made of silicone or have a Teflon coating? Besides you can’t see any major tears or rips in the wiper blade.

Well, exposure to the sun’s UV rays still breakdown the fanciest rubber. Ditto the heat and cold. As do the ozone, exhaust, pollution, road grime and road salt.  For verification roll the rubber portion of the wiper blade in between your fingers. If the rubber appears glazed and lacks real pliability, the blades are goner’s.

While the traditional exposed frame wiper blades accept rubber refills, over time the metal springs tend to bind or corrode and the surfaces will discolored. In the end all -new wiper blades are going to be the simplest to install.

When selecting replacement wiper blades be sure to match size and connector-types. Walk-in retailers will have a catalog next to the display that will provide the dimensions for your vehicle’s application. Online-retailers allow consumers to complete drop-down boxes which will generate the lengths. Keep in mind that it is not unusual for the driver’s side wiper blade to be different in length from the passenger side. Confirm the size by pulling a measuring tape.

Prior to installing carefully read the diagram on the packaging. Even if the text instructions are pretty sparse. Ascertaining the type of hook on the wiper arm will permit you to select the appropriate adapter, as two are typically supplied.

Time to Complete the DIY Wiper Blade Removal / Install: less than 10 minutes (and probably less than 5 min.)

Some final tips when its comes to windshield wiper blade maintenance: Always change wipe blades in pairs. Remember, rear windshield wipers included on many wagons and SUVs also need the same attention.

Your vehicle will thank you back for the new wiper blades, as will your eyes and ears. Happy Holidays and Safe Drives from “Drive…He Said.”

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